Melvin Wilson


20 years

For over 20 years he has had a knack for using marketing and technology in concert and has been doing so in the marketing, communications, finance, and technology industries. In his current role, as Founder of Solve Innovation Group and the Plural Accelerator, he continues to do so.


Prior to this, he ran strategy and research for IPG’s global media think-tank, IPG Media Lab and helped prove that consumer behaviour, location, and value are just as important as algorithms and data to the development of media and technology products; to the tune of $60mm projected increase in revenue per year for the firm.


In his career, he has held a variety of media and strategy leadership roles across agencies, clients, and investment firms building solutions by betting on and building on things that don’t seem to go together for success.

  • Creating a comic character with DC comics to sell toothpaste that headlined at ComicCon.
  • Founding a digital direct response agency based on giving away Apple products that which was sold to
  • Pitching the sales of a location data company to a social media company-closed transaction of over $100mm
  • Building out multiple niche audience DSP’s and DMP’s
  • Spending all-in against the growth of Twitch into a large scale OTT platform to rival broadcast
  • Developing a TEDx in Harlem for non-tech founders


He has worked on hundreds of brands like Bank of America, Mastercard, Lockheed Martin, HSBC, US Army, Carol’s Daughter, and Ford Motor Company; and brought successful tech brands/products to market like HSBC Direct, EZPass, Kairos, Keep the Change, Microsoft SYNC, and SafeSend.


He also is responsible for bringing Latin American brands and new products that came to the US over the last few years including FLUVIP, AdsMovil, GDA, and several others focused on measuring human attention/emotion, connected car, m-commerce, and the internet of things.


As a speaker, advisor, and investor he looks forward to creating more diverse funding sources for startups and maker communities and connecting local governments and corporations to them. He is passionate about developing solutions that help create positive business and social outcomes and has raised over $6mm over the last two years to further these efforts